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XenApp 7.5 the return of XenApp

So after the public announcement Citrix made earlier today, it was clear that they are going to bring back XenApp to life more or less. You can see more about the product here –>

Not quite, even thou it is called XenApp it is still running the XenDesktop FMA architecture beneath. The reason why they are bringing the XenApp name ? because of the brand, since many people are very familiar with the name and the concept it brings. Since many think of XenDesktop as an VDI solution.

It will again be available as the same versions that it was before, Advanced, Enterprise and platinum. Thus meaning the end of XenDesktop app edition (Since this is actually the XenApp functionality) Customers that have XenDesktop App edition have the same functionality as XenApp Enterprise 7.5

So what does XenApp 7.5 bring to the playing field ?

Hybrid Cloud provisioning  – To AWS and Cloudplatform (No Azure here! will come later) gives the ability to provision XenApp servers directly in to the cloud provider.

And for existing XenApp 6.5 customers you have more mobile HDX funcionality to provider an better application delivery to mobile devices.

So for those that were hoping for a full return of XenApp, well it just marketing group that is doing a name change to the existing productline to use its branding to its full potential Smilefjes

So the 7.5 product line is rumored to be released in the summer, is it going to be interesting to see what Project Merlin will bring besides the hybrid cloud provisioning Smilefjes


Also you can see what else is available here, it will be released in March

Update: Book Project implementing Citrix Netscaler VPX

So things have been a bit slow here lately, therefore I thought It was about time I wrote a bit more about my upcoming book project. After I released my previous book about Configuration Manager I wanted to do more.. Therefore I got interested in a Netscaler project that my publisher had and I said yes!

So therefore my current book project is writing a book with the title, Implementing Netscaler VPX

So to sum up what im writing about here.

* The basics and best practice
* Netscaler Gateway
* Load balancing
* Caching and Compression
* High-availability, Traffic Management, Application Firewall

The book is scheduled to release in march so stay tuned! Smilefjes

Netscaler, new java and new problems

So the latest Java update Version 7 Update 51 again contains new updates and again more security fixes. Alas it also stops Netscaler from working. Even thou Citrix released a new build today 123.81 it does not working with the latest version.


In order to fix the issue we need to add the netscaler URL to a JAVA exception, open the control panel applet.


And choose Edit Site list and add an exception.


After that, restart the browser and start again Smilefjes

NIC 2014 Conference

So next week it is going to explode with nerds in downtown Oslo. NIC (Nordic Infrastructure Conference) 2014 is thursday and friday, ill be attending there standing there as a part of MTUG (Microsoft Technology User Group) on Microsofts booth, so if you want to say hi please come by!

And I am also have a session 17:20 thursday regarding cross-plattform monitoring with Operations Manager, so the agenda of the session is show show HOW you can use it to monitor solutions such as

Other systems

So stay tuned, and attend if you plan on staying there so late! Smilefjes

Citrix XenMobile exam 1Y0-370 exam

Citrix just recently released a XenMobile exam covering much from ZenPrice (MDM function) AppController, Storefront, Netscaler Gateway, Worxapps and such.

More about the exam can be found here, Study info –> 

After taking this exam it will give you the title of Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility.

Now the following CTX articles might give you a pointer in the right direction regarding what’s covered in the exam

Configure Netscaler Gateway with AppController –>

How to view patches installed on ZDM Server –>

Configure AppController to provide STA tickets for Worxmail –>

Deploying XenMobile Netscaler Connector –>

Install XenMobile Netscaler Connector –>

Manage XenMobile Netscaler Connector –>

Monitor XenMobile Netscaler Connector –>

Evaluating XenMobile Effects on Device Battery LIfe –>

Configure High-availability on Device Manager –>

Configure High-availability on AppController –>

Install Device Manager –>

Enrolling users –>

Recovering a Primary StorageZones connector –>

Installing XenMobile mail manager –>

Configuring Location Services for Devices –>

Configuring Automated Actions –>

XenMobile Pre installation –>

Configuring MDX policies for iOS apps in AppController –>

Configuring enrollment modes –>

MDX policies –>

Configure GotoAssist with XenMobile –<

Managing Devices –>

Addind Apps for Android –>

Adding Apps for iOS –>

And read the prep guide to make sure you understand all the Objectives that are covered further down in the list, this will make you better prepared for what questions might pop up.

You can read it here –>