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Dell vWorkspace EOP–Configuration

For those who do not know what vWorkspace is, take a look at my previous blogpost regarding vWorkspace –> http://msandbu.wordpress.com/2014/04/20/introduction-to-dell-vworkspace/ EOP (Enhanced Optimized Protocol) is an enhancement to the RDP protocol which Dell (or Quest) have developed which is a part of vWorkspace. Now Microsoft has made alot of improvements to the RDP procotol in… Read More »

Customizing Web portal for Dell vWorkspace

In all cases when you are having planned downtime or doing maintance work to a service you want to be able to inform all potential users that they are aware of the downtime. vWorkspace has an excellent way to easily change the content and implement different banners directly into the web portal. So to look… Read More »

Introduction to Dell vWorkspace

Lately there has been alot of fuzz regarding Vmware and their release with Horizon 6 suite with terminal server based solution, and if we rewind one month back in time we also have the latest XenDesktop release from Citrix which contains Hybrid cloud provisioning features. Now both Citrix and VMware are both good options and… Read More »