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Setting up Citrix SSO with Windows 10 and Azure AD Join

A While back I blogged about setting up Citrix FAS and using NetScaler as a SAML iDP, which you can find here –> http://msandbu.org/setting-up-saml-authetication-for-netscaler-and-storefront-with-sso/ now I wanted to extend upon that and show how you can use Windows 10 Azure AD Join together with Citrix FAS and SAML to provide a full SSO option from… Read More »

Traffic Domains vs Admin partitions vs VXLAN for IP segmentation

I’ve previosly written about Admin Partitions on Netscaler, which allows us to logical seperate the NetScaler into multiple partitions which allows for instance departments to manage each of their applications within their own part of the NetScaler. This allows to safeguard from unwarranted configuration changes for instance.  You can read a bit more about admin… Read More »

XenDesktop EDT over NetScaler – Benchmarking

With build 11.1, 51 Citrix released support for EDT over NetScaler. Which I have blogged about before which excels in situations where latency is high, packet loss is at a minimum. EDT Networking deep dive –> http://msandbu.org/benchmarking-adaptive-transport-for-hdx/ Enabling EDT in NetScaler –> http://msandbu.org/enabling-remote-hdx-enlightment-data-transport-in-netscaler-11-1-build-51/ NOTE: That Mac Based Forwarding which also cripples Framehawk also cripples EDT,… Read More »

Cool things that NetScaler MAS can do!

So to be honest I haven’t actually spent to much time looking at all the details that NetScaler MAS of features. I have blogged about some of the features such as NITRO API Proxy: http://msandbu.org/leveraging-netscaler-mas-as-a-nitro-api-proxy/ NetScaler MAS and multi-tenancy: http://msandbu.org/netscaler-mas-and-multi-tenancy/ NetScaler MAS and Docker Remote API: http://msandbu.org/setting-up-nmas-with-remote-docker-integration-with-ubuntu-docker-hosts/ But there are a bunch of other stuff… Read More »

NetScaler MAS and Multi-tenancy

If you’re a large enterprise and have multiple NetScaler instances for different purposes such as a VPX for Exchange or SharePoint and another one to NetScaler Gateway and even a cluster for front-end eCommerce webshops, and with mulitple locations in the mix as well there are a couple of things you want to have place… Read More »