Being quite active In the Citrix community, I’ve been part of many different activities around NetScaler, this page contains blogpost, articles, eBooks and different content around Citrix NetScaler

MYCUGC Networking SIG The Networking SIG (Special Interest Group) is a community group where we share knowledge and information around different networking topics, such as NetScaler or other form of datacenter related networking technology. We have quite an active forum with many from the product team and Citrix engineers. Also we’ve started to host webinars and plan to do more blogpost.

NetScaler MasterClass The NetScaler Masterclass is a webinar event hosted by Citrix, which occurs the first wednesday each month (I’ve been one of the few external speakers on their event) where they typically talk about different new topics and tries to answer any questions that the attendees might have.

Free eBooks on Citrix NetScaler As being an active author I’ve released free Citrix NetScaler ebooks on different subjects which can be downloaded from the link. One book is about NetScaler Gateway and another is about Optimizing and tuning services. I have also authered other books via Packt publishing with can be purchased from Amazon

Articles/Blogposts on NetScaler:

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