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A better explanation on Framehawk

After speaking with Stephen Vilke (One of the brains behind Framehawk) the other day, he elaborated on what Framehawk actually is and what it actually isn’t. You know I have been caught up thinking about Framehawk as a simple display protocol and ran a bunch of comparisons between it and ThinWire and also with PCoIP… Read More »

Putting ThinWire and Framehawk to the test!

Framehawk and Thinwire – It’s all about the numbers Recently me and Mikael @mikael_modin attended a Citrix User Group Conference in Norway, where Mikael held a session regarding when and when to use Framehawk, you can read his entire blogpost here –> http://bit.ly/1PV3104 and I have already done some details regarding Framehawk from a networking… Read More »

Netscaler and support for Framehawk

In the latest release of Netscaler, which came on friday (download link here — https://t.co/nAf5V6NXB8 ) Citrix now enables for Framehawk usage over Remote Access (AKA ICA Proxy) there are only a few small steps needed in order to deploy Framehawk on Citrix Enable DTLS on The vServer Gateway (Recipie for enabling DTLS can be… Read More »