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Getting started with RemoteFX vGPU on Windows Server 2012 R2

Now Microsoft has made alot of improvements with the latest RemoteFX feature in 2012 R2, (Now i’ve written a bit of the requirements of remoteFX before –> http://msandbu.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/remotefx-and-vgpu-2012r2-requirements/) Most important thing to remember about remoteFX vGPU is that it is only supported on Enterprise Client OS (Therefore Windows 7 and 8 Enterprise SKUes) It also… Read More »

RemoteFX and vGPU 2012R2 requirements

Now there has been a lot of speculation with RemoteFX with the latest 2012R2 release. RemoteFX is a set of different feature. One of these features is the socalled vGPU. vGPU is a feature which allows us to share GPU hardware between virtual machines. Now one thing that is important for those that wish to… Read More »