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Boundaries and Boundary Groups

I see a lot of searches towards the blog regarding boundaries and boundary groups so therefore I thought that I should post a bit more about how these settings work and how they affect your site. A boundary is a network location in your infrastructure that contains one or more devices that you want to… Read More »

SCCM 2012 and High Availability

Short post!What is important when planning your SCCM deployment ? Plan for High Availability! (among other things)SCCM can span from a simple to a very complex solution And it can also be in a complex hierarchy as well. So it is important to know “where do I need to deploy multiple servers in order to… Read More »

Windows Intune

For those not attending MMS this year, Microsoft today released information about the new Mobile device management. Which will be included in the future releases of SCCM and in Windows Intune (Bear in mind thou this will not be avaliable before Q1 2013) And Im betting that Windows RT will also be supported in this… Read More »

SCCM 2012 part 3, client configuration.

In my previous post, we configured some server roles, created boundaries, imported users and computers, and we checked that the installed server roles actually worked Part 1# System Center 2012, SCCM part 1Part 2# SCCM 2012, Part 2 configuration Now we are going to go trough the Client Policy settings, create a new dynamic collection… Read More »