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A better explanation on Framehawk

After speaking with Stephen Vilke (One of the brains behind Framehawk) the other day, he elaborated on what Framehawk actually is and what it actually isn’t. You know I have been caught up thinking about Framehawk as a simple display protocol and ran a bunch of comparisons between it and ThinWire and also with PCoIP… Read More »

Citrix Connector for System Center Configuration manager 7.5 walkthrough

Earlier today, Citrix released their updated System Center Configuration Manager connector to XenDesktop 7.5. It can be downloaded from here –> http://www.citrix.com/downloads/xendesktop/product-software/xendesktop-and-xenapp-75-connector-for-sccm.html note that it requires an mycitrix account in order to download it. So what does it do ? well a couple of things. Mostly it’s about pushing software out to regular clients and… Read More »

Citrix on Microsoft Azure

This is huge news! Microsoft Azure has for some time now had a solid IaaS platform with suppor for most of the different Windows Server roles and features, except the most importent one RDS. Since Microsoft until recently didn’t allow for use of RDS or other options like Citrix to run against Azure, (because of… Read More »

Citrix Project Excalibur training

Citrix has released a number of training videos regarding Project Excalibur, you can find them in the links below. Part 1, Excalibur introductionhttp://bit.ly/PN7vHD Part 2, Excalibur installationhttp://bit.ly/Q5Cq3o Part 3, Citrix Studiohttp://bit.ly/ZnP5z1 Part 4, Master Imagehttp://bit.ly/Z847K3 Part 5, Citrix Storefronthttp://bit.ly/UvDMFG Part 6, Machine Cataloghttp://bit.ly/Z83Oi5 Part 7, Deliver Groupshttp://bit.ly/RQdI3K Part 8, Delivering Applicationshttp://bit.ly/WT60vN Part 9, Citrix Receiverhttp://bit.ly/SUzWTz… Read More »