IPAM (IP Address Management) Server windows 8

Another New feature that appeared in Windows 8 server is a feature called IPAM. IPAM is a new built-in framework for discovering, monitoring, auditing, and managing the IP address space used on a corporate network. IPAM provides for administration and monitoring of servers running Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) ,Domain Name Service (DNS), Network Policy Server (NPS), …

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App-v beta 5

Microsoft has (with UE-V release) released a beta of App-v version 5. With this release, there are some new features, which include. Flexible virtualization choices let virtual applications work more like traditionally installed applications, allowing local and virtual applications to communicate and enabling control of which virtual applications can share environments. There’s no dedicated drive …

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Microsoft UE-V beta intro

Microsoft has just released a beta of what they call User Experience Virtualization (Many twitter people say its just a imitation of Profile Management and Profile redirection ) Well. This is what Microsoft says about the tool. “The agent is installed on each User Experience Virtualization managed computer. The agent monitors the applications and the …

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Ceh v8

I see alot of the people that visits my blog, are looking for information regarding Certified Ethical Hacker 8 ( ceh v8 ) I can see that so far not so much information has been released, except this Candidate Handbook. If you have earned v7 you can upgrade this by taking the new exam. …

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Networking i Windows 8

This might be a long post. So ill try to split it up where I think it should. The post will cover whats new in networking in windows 8 including Hyper-V. Also how you can manage your network via powershell. In Windows 8 Server, you can manage (mostly)everything from Powershell. In previous versions of Windows …

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