Citrix Netscaler

After been attending a Citrix Xenapp course the previous week, there was one thing at the course that I’ve actually never heard of and that was Citrix Netscaler. What is Citrix Netscaler? After been reading a bit about it, I simply can’t describe what it can do( cause its so much!). Mostly its a hardware …

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ASA 5505 and http access

Since i’ve been studing for the CCNP firewall for the last couple of months,  I have played alot with the ASA 5505 from Cisco. By default, http is allowed from port 1 – 7 (inside interface) and port 8 if for Outside traffic. But…. if you are like me and change the config like crazy …

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My books of the week!

Most of my spare time goes to book reading (no I’m not a book worm ) But I can frankly say that I use a lot of time reading. Since im a big fan of certifications, the only books I actually read at Cert books / Study guides. ( I know there’s kindle & e …

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Citrix Xenapp

Been attending a Citrix xenapp course this week at [email protected] I haven’t worked a lot with Citrix, a bit XA 5 and I’ve tested 6.5 for the last month. I also attended some Citrix sessions at the NIC conference. But Ive realized that I’ve only touched the surface of what Citrix has to offer after …

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