Azure and IOPS performance

Many are thinking about moving to the cloud or at least look at the possbilities, and some might wonder can my workload function in the cloud ? or perhaps you are thinking of deploying Citrix in the cloud? For many the failure of Citrix implementations are tied to the SAN or perhaps the IOPS to …

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Citrix on Microsoft Azure

This is huge news! Microsoft Azure has for some time now had a solid IaaS platform with suppor for most of the different Windows Server roles and features, except the most importent one RDS. Since Microsoft until recently didn’t allow for use of RDS or other options like Citrix to run against Azure, (because of …

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Azure integration pack for SP1 Beta

Microsoft just released a integration pack for Azure which allows you to create runbooks attached to Azure.The activities included in the integration packs are: Azure Certificates- the Azure Certificates activity is used in a runbook to add, delete, and list management and service certificates Azure Deployments- the Azure Deployments activity is used in a runbook …

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