RDP DDoS amplification attack

s straight Last week, there was published an article from NETSCOUT Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Reflection/Amplification DDoS Attack Mitigation Recommendations – January 2021 | NETSCOUT that publicly available RDP servers were used to do amplified DDoS attacks. From the article “When enabled on UDP/3389, the Microsoft Windows RDP service may be abused to launch UDP reflection/amplification …

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Putting ThinWire and Framehawk to the test!

Framehawk and Thinwire – It’s all about the numbers Recently me and Mikael @mikael_modin attended a Citrix User Group Conference in Norway, where Mikael held a session regarding when and when to use Framehawk, you can read his entire blogpost here –> http://bit.ly/1PV3104 and I have already done some details regarding Framehawk from a networking …

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