Multi-cloud an achievable goal?

After having a slow period on my blog the last couple of months I decided to blog about this particular subject after I’ve been reading a lot of posts on this subject and have been working in multiple projects on the same topic for some time, namely multi-cloud strategies. Most enterprise companies have (also based …

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What is Microsoft doing with RDS and GPU in 2016? and what are VMware and Citrix doing?

So it was initially labed Server 2016, for then I forgot an important part of it, which ill come back to later. This year, Microsoft is most likely releasing Windows Server 2016 and with it a huge number of new features like Containers, Nano, SDN and so on. But what about RDS? Well Microsoft is …

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Storage Wars–HCI edition

There is alot of fuzz these days around hyperconverged, software defined storage etc.. especially since VMware announced VSAN 6.2 earlier this week, that trigge alot of good old brawling on social media. Since VMware was clearly stating that they are the marked leader in the HCI marked, if that is true or not I don’t …

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Vmware Horizon 7 announced

Earlier today I saw on a couple of blogspost that Vmware was going to announce Horizon 7 later today. So when I read the posts I was blown away in what type of features that are coming in the release. So what’s included in the upcoming release? Project Fargo (VMFork) which in essence the ability …

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First of let me start by stating that the subject of the blogpost is purely to get more viewers… But there is some truth to it, over the last weeks there has been alot of people talking about RDP / ICA / PCOIP and that the protocol wars are over. There are multiple articles on …

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