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Cool things that NetScaler MAS can do!

So to be honest I haven’t actually spent to much time looking at all the details that NetScaler MAS of features. I have blogged about some of the features such as NITRO API Proxy: http://msandbu.org/leveraging-netscaler-mas-as-a-nitro-api-proxy/ NetScaler MAS and multi-tenancy: http://msandbu.org/netscaler-mas-and-multi-tenancy/ NetScaler MAS and Docker Remote API: http://msandbu.org/setting-up-nmas-with-remote-docker-integration-with-ubuntu-docker-hosts/ But there are a bunch of other stuff… Read More »

NetScaler MAS and Multi-tenancy

If you’re a large enterprise and have multiple NetScaler instances for different purposes such as a VPX for Exchange or SharePoint and another one to NetScaler Gateway and even a cluster for front-end eCommerce webshops, and with mulitple locations in the mix as well there are a couple of things you want to have place… Read More »