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So this is something that Ive been working on for some time. Since I initially contacted WhatMatrix for about half a year ago. Since they already had alot of comparisons already I immidietly noticed that something was missing, which was ADC category! Now  having worked alot with NetScaler, KEMP, AVI I felt like I had alot to contribute with. So Ive been speaking with the different vendors and have gotten great feedback and insight into their roadmap and vision for the future as well. The vendors have also been quite helpful with feedback on the features as well.

In the initial comparison you can see Radware, Citrix & Avi Networks, which some other vendors which will be published shortly. Important to note that this is a pure feature comparison and does not reflect in granular level on all the different features,, or ease of use or other factors as well. More features will be published in the matrix as well soon.

Well what are you waiting for? take a look at it here —’

Feedback is of course very velcome! things change, things make be marked wrong or lacking details so if you have feedback send it to me on [email protected]

If you work for a vendors which you would like to see published let me know as well, ill help in anyway I can as well.

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  1. The link appears to be broken, and no category for Application Delivery Controllers. Was this report removed from their site?

    1. Hi, the report was removed from their site some time ago yes. Not sure why, but after I stopped working on it no else took up the work to follow up I’m afraid.

      1. Guess I should of looked at the date closer, lol. So not much recent NetScaler/ADC content on your blog. Any particular reason?

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