Administer Other Windows Server from Server Manager 2012

Now the new Server Manager is a lifesaver, it allows to manage multiple servers from one console. By default it is only supported for Windows Server 2012 but by downloading Windows Management Framework 3.0 and .Net 4 you can manage older versions as well. (2008, 2008R2)

You can download the needed files from here –>

(If you try to manage an older version you can get this error)


And you need to install these on the servers you need to manage.
After these are installed you need to run some commands.

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Configure-SMRemoting.ps1 -force -enable


After that is done, you can now manage your other servers.


You can see that now the AD server (DC) is added and AD role is added on the side as well Smile

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