App-v beta 5

Microsoft has (with UE-V release) released a beta of App-v version 5.

With this release, there are some new features, which include.

  • Flexible virtualization choices let virtual applications work more like traditionally installed applications, allowing local and virtual applications to communicate and enabling control of which virtual applications can share environments.
  • There’s no dedicated drive letter required, and no 4 gigabyte maximum package size. It’s easy for IT to work with and take action on App-V diagnostic information because App-V logs Windows events instead of separate log files.
  • Easy and efficient to use in VDI environments, allowing IT to make the best use of expensive disk resources without changing the way they get their jobs done.
  • Web-based management makes it easy for busy IT professionals to get their work done while away from their desk.

So I’ve decided to test it, so see if this is really an improvement.
The beta package consist of 4 applications. The regular client, the rds client, the sequencer and the streaming server.

So I start by installing the client on my virtual machine.
Basic install, accept the license terms and click install.

NB: Check the Software Requirements before you begin.

Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
Microsoft .NET 4 Framework (Full)
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (PowerShell support)
Microsoft KB2533623

The installation also includes Powershell cmdlets.
1: import-module appvclient

After innstallation you can start the agent by Start -> Microsoft Application Virt…… And voila! You have an Metro GUI appear(It might take some time for it to load.  Not much I can do here so far, so I continue with the server install.

Here I choose to install the management server and publishing server on the same vm. (NB: I installed the DB before I continued on with the other roles) and I choose a local MSSQL instance running SQL server 2008 SP2 or higher.

Now I get to a nice prerequistes check, see that im missing IIS and c++ 2008 runtime. I install the requried roles and refresh the test.

And I pass with flying colors and now I need to enter an account for App-v admin. (Or group)

And I specify that the Management web service should listen on port 8080, next is the publishing service.

Then click next and the installation finishes.

Now open an http browser to port 8080 on the local server. http://localhost:8080/Console.html in my case (NB This requires also silverlight) The console that appears, is very similiar to the server UI in windows 8, with a hint of the SCCM self-service portal site 🙂

Not sure if thats a good thing, thou. Since I liked the MMC console in the previous version.  But with the powershell enhancements and moving the console on to the web might be a good thing.

This has been part 1 of App-v 5 beta, stay tuned for more!



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  1. – Can you add the management server to the App-V Server?
    And yes, how did the Check box respond?
    – Can you add a package to the client using PowerShell?
    And yes, using what command?

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