ASA 5505 and http access

Since i’ve been studing for the CCNP firewall for the last couple of months,  I have played alot with the ASA 5505 from Cisco. By default, http is allowed from port 1 – 7 (inside interface) and port 8 if for Outside traffic. But…. if you are like me and change the config like crazy and have to reset the configuration to start over again, you will have to setup http access again if you want to use the ASDM.

First you have to create a VLAN with a name.
conf t (Enteres global configuration)
vlan 100 (creates vlan 100)
ip adress (assigns the ip adress to the virtual lan)
nameif management (names the vlan management)
interface ethernet 0/1  (switches to interface 0/1)
switchport access vlan 100 (adds the switchport to vlan 100)
no shutdown (this means the oposite of shutdown = enable/start )

http server enable

http management (this will allow access to http from /24)

So next is that you have to assign an ip address to your computer on the range, and open internet explorer/chrome and point it to the ip adress of the managent ip.


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