Backing up Offic365 email with Veeam Backup for Office365

So a couple of days back I publised that a lot has been going on in Veeam latelcy, and among the news that was published was support for Office365 Exchange backup! and as a Vangard Ive been lucky enough to been given access to the beta of the tool

NOTE: This represents a beta and might not reflect the final product, and to simplify the process I ran this tool on my Windows 10 device, which shows this tool can also be leveraged for SMB clients without needing a dedicated server to do Office365 backup.

Now the tool is pretty straight forward and consists of two parts, the backup tool and the exchange explorer, which is used to do restore against a backup file

When connecting to Office365 with the tool you need to have a username which has Organization Management role in Exchange online (or Global Administrator in Ofifce365 which also inherits that role)


Then it does a connecting directly to Exchange Web Services and creates an role which it will leverage for future backup jobs.


After the connection is done, it will appear with the organization name in the console on the left side. And now  we can start to create backup jobs. Now I have the option to hackup the entire organization, meaning all users will an mailbox, or I can choose individual mailboxes


NOTE: I have an option to exclude certain folders from the backup job, but this is a setting which applies to the entire product itself and not for individual users or organizations.

This setting is defined in the global settings pane of Office365 backup.  And also by default, the tool will backup to a newly created folder under the C:\ drive and will store backup for 3 years.


So it does the backup job and processes all the mailboxes using Exchange web services


NOTE: this was an example trial which I recently setup and didnt have any large data examples to backup.  So after a job had finished I can right click on my organization and do restore to a point in time


And when I starting a explore job it will automatically start the Exchange Explorer, which has had support to restore email to Office365 for some time already.

Now another tool thing is that I can also setup multiple Office365 organizations in the console as long as I have the right permissions.


You can find more info on the Veeam offering here –>

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  1. Veeam is too expensive for us. My boss told me to do research on other Office 365 mailbox backup solutions, mainly CodeTwo (, Cloudally (, CloudBacko (, Spanning ( etc. They all seem okay, except their prices vary a lot. Anyone can share your experience in any of them? Which one is problem-free? Much appreciated 😀

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