Boom! New free eBook on Citrix NetScaler–NetScaler Gateway Deep Dive!

For those noticing that it has been somewhat quiet for the last couple of weeks on this blog, there is a reason for it! I’ve been quite busy. As mentioned earlier I’ve been in the process of writing an ebook on NetScaler Gateway, and that is for a couple of reasons. Most people use NetScaler for just plain gateway setup and well I did a quick twitter pool and got alot of feedback on email stating that they would love to get more information on those topics.

Now if you want to get this free eBook which is about 130 pages, same procedure as last time register with your email address in this sign up box in the bottom of the post and I will send a link to you!


You are of course free to distribute this ebook if you wish, I only have one wish for this ebook and that is to get some feedback.

  • What’s missing?
  • What’s wrong?
  • What else could I include?

Also would love some feedback if you liked the book, it always makes the writing easier Smilefjes and makes it an even better product eventually, and note this book is aimed as people implementing this types of features and just using it as an reference check when setting up Gateway.

Also thanks to my reviewers and those that came with feedback!

Dave Brett
Daniel Wedel
Carl Stalhood
Carl Beherent
Morten Kallesoe

Now the bigger project is to create multiple ebooks on NetScaler which in the end will make up a whole book. The first project was more of a test to see how it would respond and I have been overwhelmed of the response. So as mentioned this time its NetScaler Gateway, next project is use of NetScaler and AAA, where I intended to focus on

  • ADFS and NetScaler
  • SAML iDP and SP
  • AAA in general
  • Multifactor authentication
  • nFactor
  • Multilevel authentication
  • Integration with Azure and Office365
  • Multi level Active Directory authentication and so on.

And note, before I start on my third project I intend to update my first ebook on Optimization doing more indepth.


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