Ceh v8

I see alot of the people that visits my blog, are looking for information regarding Certified Ethical Hacker 8 ( ceh v8 )

I can see that so far not so much information has been released, except this Candidate Handbook. https://cert.eccouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/CEH-Candidate-Handbook-v1.6-13022012.pdf

If you have earned v7 you can upgrade this by taking the new exam. Send a mail to certmanagerATeccouncil.org and ask 🙂

The requirements are the same as before, that you needed atleast 2 years of IT security related work in order to take the exam if you haven’t taken the CEH course.

New topics in v8 is (as I can see so far )
* Mobile communication, smart phones
* Web 2.0
* New tools and applications

Remember if you take this exam, you need to retake it within 3 years in order to maintain the certification. Of course there are other ways to maintain it ( look inside the  Handbook )

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