Certification update journey

A long time since I’ve written about certifications. A lot has happend since last time I wrote one of these blog post and this one will be more an internal note for my part but it’s always nice to plan ahead and get things written down, or it will never get done Smilefjes

For my part I’m working alot with virtualization and data center solutions (and of course cloud solutions) therefore I’ve decided to pursue a couple of certifications to validate my skills there. Now this year I’ve decided to start with these exams for cloud and virtulization.

CCNA Data Center (This exam covers alot of different network topics such as LACP, TRILL, implementing Nexus V1000 and such and gives a solid understanding of networking in a datacenter layer, this is recommended for people that already has a CCNA)

Amazon Web Services Certified (The cloud isn’t going away, neither is Amazon. They have already created a certification which covers how to use their own services like cloudformation, EC2 and such and gives you a good understanding of the services that amazon has in their public cloud)

Comptia Storage+ (Comptia is a neutral vendor certification company, Storage+ is an certifiaction that is made in cooperation with SNIA which covers all the basics regarding Storage)

Comptia Server+ (Server+ is much like Storage+ but goes into server hardware aspect)

Comptia Cloud+ (Covers all the different scenarois around cloud computing, like the different ways to deliver cloud solutions, what you need to think about before moving services to the cloud and such. Not a very technical exam but more about strategy and general knowledge

Now these exams aren’t very hard, but it is always good to have the validation that you poccess the knowledge needed Smilefjes

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