Citrix Mobility pack

I’ve been twitring about Citrix mobility pack, so whats all the fuzz about ?

Well the pack give you the ability to deliver a XenApp 6.5 touch-friendly interface or applications to mobile devices (iOS and Android)
To install this pack you need to install a rollup hotfix and one update to the Citrix Group Policy Management.

PS: just remember that you have to reboot the server to complete the installation! 🙂

When this is done, don’t expect some new changes in the app delivery console. Most of the options are avaliable trough Group policy

But remember to enable the “combo box” option in policy, since this gives the user the option to choose between mobiliy desktop and the regular desktop. So when this is done, your desktop will look something like this.

You can download the mobility pack from here ->

But remember this is the first release, and there are some issues. As an example if you have applied an group policy that “hides” local folders, these will reappear if you use the mobility pack, since it replaces the windows GUI.
ill post some more screenshots tommorow.
PS: I’ve been testing this on my Samsung Galaxy tab

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