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Been attending a Citrix xenapp course this week at Commaxx@Norge. I haven’t worked a lot with Citrix, a bit XA 5 and I’ve tested 6.5 for the last month. I also attended some Citrix sessions at the NIC conference. But Ive realized that I’ve only touched the surface of what Citrix has to offer after I attended this course.

I mostly work with Microsoft products, but I see that Citrix has alot of functionality that Microsoft doesn’t have. Some examples.

Provisoning server
Access Gateway
Branch repeater

Cloudgateway (Is going to replace old webinterface)

Microsoft has some similar alternatives but ill cover those in a later post.

Most of these products, Citrix has available on their website as trial editions or as an (VA) Virtual appliance. I will spend the next couple of days blogging about these products. What they do and how they integrate with Xenapp. So if you guys are new to Xenapp and want to know a bit more about Citrix I suggest you follow my blog the next couple of days.
For those that have android / apple and don’t know what Im talking about. Go to the appstore / market place and download Citrix Reciver and give it a try 🙂

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