Citrix Netscaler and AAA authentication across different profiles

So I was helping a partner the other day with a AAA-setup. The issue was that a customer had two different AAA authentication profiles where one profile was using username + password while the other was using two-factor authentication with RADIUS. So what they wanted is that the users were first given access to the first intranet site and then needed to reauthenticate if they needed to get to the second sone with their two-factor authentication

Problem was that this didn’t work as they intended. If a user first was logged in with their username and password they were also given access to the other content that required two-factor authentication.

This is because within Netscaler there is concept called Authentication Level


So if you have two differnet authentication profiles which both of them have a authentication level of 1. I woulnd’t matter because all users would then be able to access all content.  So what we needed to do was to assign a authentication level of 1 to the authentication policy using just username and password. Then we assigned a authentication level 2 on the one using two-factor. This is because that a user that is authenticated in granted level 1 cannot access content that requires an authentication level that is higher. So when the users tried to enter the content that needed two-factor authentication they needed to reauthenticate.

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