Citrix Storefront X1 Tech Preview

Citrix just recently announced the tech preview of the latest Storefront X1 (and Reeiver for web X1) so is this where we finally can get back the web interface features that have been missing for some time?

So what’s new ? As you can see after a installation the management is still the same


Just have some new features available. We can now customize website apperance (Add logos)


We can define what type of Website type we want (Classis is the regular Green bubble Storefront)


We can also add shortcuts to website (Why not resources!!)


We can also create featured App groups which can be department specific. And we can use keywords in applications to differenciate the applications.


Now the new website GUI has had a new overhaul


But it still has much of the same CSS properties available like with regular StoreFront, now the new Receiver X1 web is located under inetpubwwwrootCitrixWebsitenamereceiver


And desktops and appliations look alot nicer as well


Looking forward to the new Citrix Receiver as well! happy customizations!



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