Citrix Synergy 2013 What happend ?

So most of the people I know was attending Synergy this year, either physical or virtual.
Myself I could not attend either of the two so I was stuck with watching the twitter feed and keeping the scroll button in motion, so what happened at this year Synergy and the events before this ? The big announcement was XenDesktop 7 and some other stuff in going to summarize in a table form.

Citrix XenDesktop 7
(Project Excalibur) removes the old XenApp architecture and uses the FMA architecture, think of it as XenDesktop with XenApp support.
* Supports Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
* Integrated vGPU solution from NVIDIA
* Enhancements for Microsoft Lync
* Citrix Streaming Profiler is gone (Use Microsoft App-v instead)
* Introduction of Edgesight in Citrix Director (Which can get data from regular Edgesight and HDX insight (Which is coming for Netscaler)
* AppDNA is part of XenDesktop (In some editions)
* Improved Director
* Storefront 2.0
* Multitouch gestures (HDX mobile)
* HDX 3D pro with OpenGL
* Cloudbridge (Earlier Branch Repeater is included in some editions)

You can read more about the different features around XenDesktop 7 here à
You can also get some news here around Project Merlin (Which is the next main release after XenDesktop 7 à

Citrix Netscaler
Was announced that it was the largest growing product in the company and no wonder!
Came in a new version (release 10.1) which announced the following benefits
* Support for SPDY
* Support for MSSQL 2012 Datastream
* Support for load balancing TFTP
* More AppExpert for Exchange OWA
* Netscaler HDX Insight (Coming) which integrates with Director
* Cloud integration (Integrate Netscaler with Cloudplatform)
* Offload DNSSEC to Netscaler
* Changes in the GUI
* User monitor for Storefront
* Easier to make changes to the WI

(Might also mention that Branch Repeater was renamed Cloudbridge and is also a feature on Netscaler platinum)

And Netscaler Gateway (Codename DARA) is released in Preview which is the next generation of Access Gateway with an improved Wizard for setup.

Netscaler SDX opened up for third party vendors to allows their platform running on the SDX solution (Palo Alto, trend are some of the few partners which have a solution that can be used)

Citrix Cloudportal Service Manager
This product recived little attention during Synergy (or nothing at all) but im going to mention it anyways.
Citrix a couple of days before Synergy released Service Manager version 11 which includes
* Support for Windows Server 2012
* Support for Exchange 2013 multitenant
* Support for workflows and approvals
We can expect more from the product and integration in a while.

Citrix Sharefile

Now this is something Citrix is pushing hard these days, and have added numerous features to it.
* StorageZone connector to Azure
* Ability to connect ShareFile to SharePoint
* Ability to edit documents directly from the client (before it was just read-only)
* XenMobile Integration

Citrix VDI-in-a-box 5.3
* Same support for VDA/HDX as XenDesktop 7
* Support for Windows Server 2012 VHDX
* Better support for SSO
* Universal Print service

Citrix XenMobile
The early build of XenMobile was just a little polish on the former ZenPrise console, with this new release a lot has changed.
* New console
* Integration with GotoAssist (Allows for help desk to connect to their mobile devices)
* View and Edit documents directly on the phone (ShareFile)
* Worx Mobile Apps
* Changed editions

Other Announcements ?

Citrix Desktop Player for Mac which allows you to run your personal VM’s directly on your Mac (Which is synced with your on-premise solution)
Citrix XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack 2( Which will have some new features (performace improvements, Lync support but no Windows Server 2012)
Citrix Receiver for Windows Phone is underway as well,

Most of these new products will be available in June, so stay tuned J

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