Citrix Synergy day 2 summary!

So alot of information appeard on day 2 of the Synergy keynote as well! So this is a summary of the new announcements today. Now there werent so many new stuff to discuss today, since many updates are published in the breakout sessions, which can’t be seen streamed Trist fjes and note this blogpost will be updated as soon as I know more!

Citrix Cloud Secure Browser

  • Support for internally hosted web applications
  • Option to add authentication to externally hosted web applications via NetScaler Gateway. Which means that we can using clientless access publish internal applications from within Citrix Cloud Secure Browser.
  • Ability to choose resource location region
  • Traceability through a Usage Meter in the user interface
  • Option to watermark browser apps for added security
  • Upgrade to Citrix Receiver for HTML5 2.0
  • URL Whitelisting

Citrix ShareFile


Citrix LifeCycle Management


HDX Proxy

NetScaler HDX Proxy is a free appliance which is coming. This virtual appliance is a free appliance which can only do ICA-proxy which means that there is no Smart Access features at all!


Some other rumours:

App-Disks for Hyper-V coming!

Skype for Buisness 2016 support coming for HDX optimization pack!

Updated ThinWire with even more reduced bandwidth requirements!

Storefront 3.6 coming!

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