Clientless access with NetScaler 11.1 and Storefront 3.6

One of the questions I’ve been getting alot lately is the ability is about the new NetScaler 11.1 UI RfwebUI and the ability to log directly to the UI and display all the different applications directly from the NetScaler UI instead of being redirected to the StoreFront Web site.

This is of course possible but there are somethings you need to be aware of.

1: This will by default only work with Smart Access mode (meaning that all connections will require an universal license)

2: It will not get any web applications that have been published directly to Storefront. And other customizations like password changes, UI changes and such will not be displayed. the NetScaler will only communicate with Storefront to get a list of applications/desktops available to the end-user.

Now it has been quite cumbersome to get Storefront application aggregation in NetScaler clientless access before and you needed to configure X-FRAME options in the web.config file, but that is not needed anymore.

In order to set it up, all you need to do is have an existing NetScaler Gateway enviroment that you can configure, and basic StoreFront setup.

NOTE: Storefront 3.6 is not required, you only need to have < Storefront 3.0.

Some other enchanements.

Fileshare feature – The fileshare feature that accesses SMB file shares is not supported.

Email Tab – The VPN parameter, Email Home, is no longer available as an embedded view for the Gateway Portal. It is accessed as an App, and it can be seen on the Apps tab and in the “Web and Software as a Service (SaaS) Apps” bundles.

Java Client – The browser based Java client for establishing a SSL tunnel is no longer available in this theme. This is keeping in mind the ending support for java applets in browsers (announced by Oracle). 

Set the vServer in Smart Access mode. Virtual Server –> Basic Settings


Set the portal Theme to RfWEbUI. Note that this clientless access feature only works with this theme.


Set Clientless Access to ON in the Session policy that you have with the NetScaler Gateway Virtual server.


NOTE: In some cases you might have the client choices option enabled. This gives users the option to choose what kind of features that they want to use, this can be disabled in the session policy under Client Experience –> Advanced Settings –> And remove any checkmarks behind Client Choices options there.

Last thing we need to do is disable ICA-proxy. It is also important that the Web Interface Address is spelled exactly as it is in the Storefront console. If not it will not work, so make sure that if you have capital letters and such.


The reason we need to disable ICA-proxy is that if that is enabled, it will by default redirect to the Storefront UI. That’s the only reason the ICA proxy option is therefore, do to HTTP redirect to Storefront. Even if that is disabled all ICA session will trigger an ICA-proxy connection to NetScaler.

So when users now connect to the website they will be greeted with this new portal where they will see web based bookmarks from the NetScaler Gateway and Desktop application agreegated frmo Storefront


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