Configuration Manager and Easy Servicing

Now with the later releases of Configuration Manager Microsoft has introduced something called Easy Servicing which allows for updates to be automatically installed and updated within an enviroment. Now there have been some major updates to Configuration Manager already such as

TP3, Build 1509 and Build 1510.

For those that have tried the Easy Servicing and have had issues with running the installation here are some tips. (This applies from going from 1509 to 1510 build.

If you have the update available in the console but are unable to run the 1510 update,  (If you see in the HMAN.log you can find the following error mesage)

*** EXEC spCMUSetUpdatePackageState N’db316362-77fc-46c9-9984-1baeb20615f4′, 262146, N”, N’15.10.2015 05:17:50′   SMS_HIERARCHY_MANAGER     10/15/2015 2:37:59 PM  1032 (0x0408)

*** [42000][8114][Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Error converting data type nvarchar to datetime. : spCMUSetUpdatePackageState SMS_HIERARCHY_MANAGER     10/15/2015 2:37:59 PM         1032 (0x0408)

run the following SQL query against the SQL database.

EXEC spCMUSetUpdatePackageState N’ DB316362-77FC-46C9-9984-1BAEB20615F4′, 262146, N”

Also some others from the TechNet site:

  1. Symptom: The Configuration Manager console displays the rule that failed.

    Solution: Fix the Prerequisite Check rule error. For example, if you do not have Windows 10 ADK installed and the associated prerequisite rule fails, install the Windows 10 ADK. Then, re-run <ConfigMgr_installation_folder>EasySetupPayloaddcd17922-2c96-4bd7-b72d-e9159582cdf2SMSSETUPBINX64prereqchk.exe on the site server. Once the check completes without an error, Version 1509 for Technical Preview will automatically restart.

  2. The installation for Version 1509 for Technical Preview stops unexpectedly.

    Symptom: The Configuration Manager console displays that the Version 1509 for Technical Preview installation has failed and Configuration Manager console no longer shows the update as available for installation. This might occur if a Configuration Manager service has stopped.

    Solution: Identify the error in the CMUpdate.log file and fix the issue, if possible. Then, make sure the Configuration Manager services are running, such as SMS_EXECUTIVE, SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER, CONFIGURATION_MANAGER_UPDATE. Then, re-run <ConfigMgr_installation_folder>EasySetupPayloaddcd17922-2c96-4bd7-b72d-e9159582cdf2SMSSETUPBINX64prereqchk.exe on the site server. Once the check completes without an error, Version 1509 for Technical Preview will automatically restart.

If you are having issues that the updates are not showing in the console, you can try to restart the SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER component, which should trigger the download. You can follow the dmpdownloader.log file.

Now after a while the component should be available in the Console


Which we now can right click and choose check prerequisites. In the right corner we can click and see the status of the update.


Ohh and if you have trouble with the setup not working, and getting error message such as image

You need to have the SQL2012 native client installed, which can be found here –>

Then you can follow the cmupdate.log for further messages and status around the update happening in the background.

But eventually the updated is ready and we can install the update


And voila!


So now that the update is complete, what is new ?

Windows 10 servicing plans!


Allow us to select deployment rings for a specific collection


Yay! Still waiting for the Office365 parts to appear.

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