Configuration Manager with App-V and SCS

Now been encoutering some cases lately regarding use of App-V and Shared Content Store deployed from Configuration Manager. There are a couple of things that are worth taking note of here.

* Shared Content Store is an client configuration!

This can be enabled either during deployment of the App-V client by using this command.

appv_client_setup.exe /SHAREDCONTENTSTOREMODE=1 /q

Or using PowerShell

Set-AppvClientConfiguration -SharedContentStoreMode 1

The shared content store is very usefull in RSDH / XenApp and VDI implementations since it does not store app-v packages in the local cache. So instead of caching frequest access packages it uses NTFS points to point to a network share instead.

And when using App-V with Citrix PVS is the way to go!

Problem is when using Configuration Manager to deliver the packages to the App-V clients. You have two ways to deliver App-V packages. Either will streaming the content from the distribution point into the cache. Or by downloading the packages from the distribution point and then running the packages.


Important thing to note here is that the deployment type must be stream content from distribution point and not Download content from distribution point! since the Configuration Agent handles the App-V delivery it will ignore the SCS setting in the App-V client.

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