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This is the first time I’ve ever tried a product from Cortado, so this is new for me as well.
Cortado Workplace is cloud-storage solution like Dropbox, SkyDrive & Google Drive etc. You can register for a free account on and get 2GB free storage.

For PC and Mac you can use the HTML5 client, which allows you to drag-and-drop files directly into the website. (They also have Apps for Android and Apple)
Requirements: The Cortado HTML5 Client can be used with any HTML5-enabled desktop browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer from version.
This HTML5 drag-and-drop functionality has not been implemented by the other products yet, (Still HTML5 is a standard which is still under work, so I’m guessing more of these solutions will appear)


The GUI is clean and fast, and as I mentioned I can just upload files via drag and drop.


I can also view specific files directly within the browser (like docx and such)


I can also create a copy to PDF directly by clicking the button on the right side, pretty nifty!
And I can also forward my files directly via e-mail to an address I specify (Hopefully Cortado has implemented some restrictions here, since all the e-mail get sent from the SMTP address of
[email protected] , what kind of files you can send .bat .exe files for instance? And the mail that you receive includes no information of who was the sender, so kind of spooky )

If I wish I can also map my drive as an network drive under windows, via WebDAV.

Even thou they only offer “2GB” They have a really impressive client, I haven’t tried the Android or Apple Apps. But So far so good Smile

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