How to setup Azure Active Directory applications and Office365 dashboard

So this is something I’ve just recently gotten aware of. (Just comes to show that so much news is coming to EMS pack. But this feature is really usefull for customers which has Office365 and Azure Active Directory.

Now if you are familiar with the Azure AD application portal you know that here users can access their applications which we have defined for them. image

Which might be SaaS applications, other Microsoft Azure AD based applications or on-prem apps using Application proxy. That great but the typical user might have Office365 as their start portal (start page) is there any way to show the apps there instead ? indeed!

So inside the application portal of Office365 you have a option here called myapps


If users click here they will get the apps available to them


And here I can choose to attach the application to the application portal for a user.


Great stuff! since this allows the user to have access to all their applications from within Office365.

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