Huge leap into 2017! CTP, Vanguard and vExpert

So far in 2017, I’ve started out with a boom and it has been a crazy start. Now a couple of weeks back, I was honored to be one of seven new people worldwide to be  awarded CTP (Citrix Technology Professional) 


Now this is a great personal achivement for me, since I’ve been trying to get this for the last three years, and I’ve been spending a lot of time to get to that goal.
Also a couple of weeks back I was also renewed for Veeam Vanguard, which now makes this my third year in the program. Vanguard is one of my favorite programs and allows me to interact closely with the product group.
And last week I was also notified that I was renewed for Vmware vExpert for my second year. and last year I was also one of the few individuals which was part of the more exclusive vExpert program for VMware NSX. Funny thing that they call it an vExpert even though I don’t feel myself an expert at all Smile 

Also a couple of weeks ago I was also fortuate enough to have a session at NICCONF and talk about Desktop As A Service where I discussed news and updated to Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and other vendors like Teradici, Workspot, & Amazon Workspaces.


And next week I’m having a session at the yearly conference here in Norway called Hackcon, where I will be talking about security aspects of when moving to the public cloud. So a lot happening in 2017 and I’m still only in february, but I am so fortunate that I am part of all these different communities and working with many different things every day and still learning new stuff like the first day I started working in IT.

Stay humble, Stay curious!

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