Launch of Cloudfirst Podcast!

After close to 1,000 blog posts over the last 11 years and during all that time, I’ve never felt comfortable enough to jump over to another medium such as video or audio.

But… after reaching a certain age I decided why not? There is always a lot of content/thoughts/ideas that I’ve been wanting to share but is not always easy to write down in a blogpost. So therefore I was thinking about starting a podcast, and now together with a good friend of mine Marius Solbakken (his blog here –> )Good Workaround! ) Who also had some of the same ideas, we together started a new podcast called Cloudfirst Podcast. 

Where we want to talk about all topics related to Public Cloud (and any cloud provider for that matter) even if it’s Key Management, Security, Kubernetes, Hybrid, or other projects that we have been working on. Since we felt that with all that is going on within the public cloud space there is not that many that cover the entire aspect. While we might not be as specialized as others, we hope that you like the content and format.

Here is the link to the first episodes. (They are also available on Spotify)


and if you have any feedback (positive or negative) or any specific content you would like us to cover please let me know at [email protected] (we are still learning…)



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