Live at Keynote Microsoft Ignite

even thou the Wireless Isnt completely reliable I will try to maintain the flow as much as I canm, even thou it might get published later. (I will have to be honest the Wifi is horrible) they havent planned properly, (Cisco based)…

The keynote hall opened around 8 AM, and on the stage Microsoft even had a in-house DJ playing @joeysnow

Now the keynote starts at 9AM, wiere there is expected alot of new stuff to be released. Some of the news will just be recap on what happend at @MSbuild and also just some stuff around.

Just got confirmed that there are 23.000 atendees present at MSIgnite and they are live streaming all of the sessions live! (The keynote hall has 15.000 seats)

First announcement from Satya:

Windows Update for Business. Whch he didnt say so much about. (Technet blog on it here — )

Office2016 new public preview

Skyoe for Buisness broadcasting

Office Delve Organizational analytics.

Windows Server and System Center 2016 

Whats new in System Center Configuration Manager on-prem MDM YAY!

SQL Server 2016 (Preview later today), with streach it to Azure)

Azure Stack (A new release of Azure Pack) Public Preview coming this summer.

Operations Management Suite (One consitent IT control plane, in the same lines of Azure EMS)

Advanced Threat Analytics (Microsoft entering the security field again, Which is going to integrated within AD to see authentication logs. (Guessing its going to be like Audit Collector Service in System Center) more info about the EMS part here —


Windows 10 and Device Guard which is a more and better integrated AppLocker.

Outlook MAM enabled, and Skype for buisness enabled MAM is coming in Q3

Data leackage in Windows 10 with integrated file encryption.

Document traching site for Azure RMS. Which gives us the ability to see who has opened specific documents.

Azure AD leaked credential rolling out over the next couple of weeks. With also the om-premise which I will be trying out later today.

Microsoft also announced Azure DNS

So alot of stuff that was announced today looking forward to trying it out.

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