Monitoring Hyper-V with Veeam One

I’m a huge fan of using Operations Manager for monitoring infrastructure, but in many cases, it’s just overkill.
However, I’m also a huge fan of Veeam, which has the right solution in place for the job, Veeam One.

Now veeam one which recently came out in version 6.5 allows you to monitor Vmware and Hyper-V infrastructure (with support for the latest version vSphere 5.1 and Hyper-V 2012)
It also allows for integration with Veeam backup and replication from the same console.

And it is pretty straightforward, it consist of the Veeam one server, which contains the database, and the server components which collects the data and does all the calculations and reports.
Then you have the Web UI, which is used to create reports against the one server. Then you have the Monitor Client which is the primary tool you are going to use to setup your infrastructure and this is the tool you are going to be using when adding your virtual infrastructure.

Now before you install these components check the firewall, there are some ports that you need to open

The installation is super easy and it installs all the prerequisites needed and SQL express as well,
After everything is installed you open the Veeam One Monitor client.

Make sure that the user are using to start the console with has rights on the Veeam One administrator or Veeam One users group on the veeam one server.

From here click client settings -> and enter the name of the veeam one server. After that is connected you can right click on virtual infrastructure and choose add server.

So in my case I have only hyper-v,

Next define a user which has admin access on the hyper-v server and choose connect.
So almost instant is starts gathering data about the server and the VM’s running on it.

You also have console access directly from this console.

It also comes equipped with many default alarms, which you can adjust, you can also make it send e-mail notifications or trigger a script or have it do multiple steps.

So a pretty easy and straight forward deployment of a complete monitoring solution for hyper-v and Vmware with the possibility of integration with Veeam Backup & Replication.

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  1. Hi Marius,

    I am just starting to test Veeam One and like it very much. One information I have not found until now, is how the data is being collected from Hyper-V Hosts.
    Do you know this?

    Best Regards,

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