Netscaler and AAA with CSW One VIP

As part of the latest release from Citrix Netscaler V11, there was an interesting feature added to the firmware. Which in essence allows ut to add a NO-IP Virtual AAA server, which allow us to add multiple resources lets say behind a CSW vServer where we only use one VIP.

Highlander there can be only one - There can be only one VIP

This is part of the latest feature release from Citrix (build 11. 63 from October) which has this feature.
It can either be setup using CLI or using the GUI.

User-added image

So when setting up the AAA vServer we can then use the option non-adressable


Note that when biding it to the CS vServer you need to specify that it needs to use 401-based authentication, since forms based requires an HTTP session externally to function


So from an enduser perspective a users tried to go to LB1, which resides on the CSW vServer, which will then trigger an AAA request to the non-adressable 401 based authentication and then the user will be authenticated.

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