NetScaler eBook and work in progress and new project!

After being overwhelmed with requests (600+) and feedback (40+) on my previous project on NetScaler optimizing and tuning, both from guys in the community and Citrix themselves. I have decided to go ahead with the new project, which is basically creating a new “ebook” which focuses this time on the most requested feature… NetScaler gateway.

I have decided to split the new project into different segments of the book.

  • NetScaler Gateway
    • RDP Proxy
    • ICA Proxy
      • Best-pratices
      • Multi-domain scenarioes (single domain, multiple domains within same forest, multiple domains with trust, multiple domains no trust)
      • Deployment types (2 arm, 1 arm, double hop)
      • Optimal Gateway
      • Framehawk
      • Audio over DTLS
      • SSL VPN
      • Traffic profiles
      • Portal Customization
    • Bookmarks
    • Endpoint analysis and VPN
      • Pre-auth
      • OPSWAT
      • Smart Access
    • Unified Gateway
    • AAA
      • MFA
      • Kerberos auth
    • Troubleshooting
      • Policies
      • Connection
    • Security
      • SSL/TLS settings
      • PCI-DSS
    • AppFlow
      • HDX Insight

If there is anything that I have missed please leave me some feedback, and of course help is always appreciated, my goal is to start each part with an overview of the feature, what each option does and then create a to-do guide to configure each feature. For instance

AppFlow generates…..yada…yada, best-pratices include…yada…yada…yada

Then the to-do guide will go something like this.

To setup AppFlow go into System –> AppFlow… do step 1, 2 and 3.


My plan was also to integrate XenMobile and ShareFile components to the mix, but I will require assistance from someone else since those products are not my strong side.

Oh and based upon the feedback I have gathered so far on the first eBook, there will be an update to it as well, containing typoes, enchanced sections and some new stuff.

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