Netscaler news and codename Tagma and Integration with Nexus Fabric

Today I got a news from a birdie about a new Netscaler release which is coming that has the codename Tagma. The new build which is coming that has loads of different new features and the Java GUI is almost dead.

The rumor is that Beta 1 of the release is coming soon… Im guessing Synergy release.

Another news is that Citrix and Cisco’s partnership has gone to the next level, with integration of the Netscaler in the Cisco Nexus Fabric. (This makes the CCNA Data Center certification even more relevant!)

The integration gives numerous benefits such as easier setup, reduced downtime because of dynamic route updates, and with the integration of RISE gives better visibility into the datacenter by elimnating the need to hide source IP addresses through full proxy ADC services.

You can read more about it here –>

and when I know more about the Tagma release I will let you know! Smilefjes

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