Netscaler releases!

So alot is happening on the Netscaler front from Citrix this day!
Citrix just released a new build version for all of their platforms.

The latest build is 120.13
Which can be downloaded from here –> (Requires mycitrix)
This includes some new features in the wizard for XenDesktop and the setup wizard and alot of bug fixes.

Citrix also released a new version of Insight Center (Still not for hyper-v) but this comes in version 120.13 as well (so it looks like Citrix is releasing Insight at the same time a new build for Netscaler is released)

But Citrix hasen’t released the release notes for 120.13 yet so hard to know what is new Smilefjes
There is some of the new features in the download page.

With this release we extend the Insight visibility offering from Web traffic (Web Insight) to HDX traffic (HDX Insight) analytics.

It will now collect ICA AppFlow records generated by NetScaler ADC appliances and populate analytical graphs over Layer 3 to Layer 7 statistics. The HDX Insightwill provide in-depth analysis over real time and historical data across last 5min (real time) and last one hour, one day, one week, one month as historic data.

You can download it here –>

Citrix as well! released a new management pack for Netscaler 10.1 which also supports 2012 SP1 but they haven’t released a new documentation for it but still it offers a lot of new options.  You can download it here –>

Anyways interesting times ahead! still waiting for Insight center to be released for hyper-V ! Smilefjes

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