Netscaler VPX and Vmware latency issue

In the many releases of Netscaler VPX (Starting with builds after 9.2) have had some minor issues with additional latency when running on VMware.

This has been a known issue for quite some time, and of course there has been a workaround available as well.

NetScaler VPX Appliance

  • Issue ID 0326388: In sparse traffic conditions on a NetScaler VPX virtual appliance installed on VMware ESX, some latency might be observed in releases after 9.3 as compared to release 9.2. If this latency is not acceptable, you can change a setting on the appliance. At the shell prompt, type:
    sysctl netscaler.ns_vpx_halt_method=2

    Perform a warm reboot for the above change to take effect. To have the new setting automatically applied every time the virtual appliance starts, add the following command to the /nsconfig/ file:

    sysctl netscaler.ns_vpx_halt_method=2

But! I am happy to say that this has been fixed in the latest build (126.12) so we no longer require to run the commandline to fix the latency issue

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