Networking in Windows 8, part 3

Now, in the last previous posts I’ve posted most of the new features related to Windows 8.
At last I have some new features that I forgot that ill post here.

  • Remote Desktop version 8
    Not sure what enhancements this gives yet, except that you have the ability to RDP client to automaticly adjust the session based on the network speed.And some added Group Policy Enhancements.
  • SMB 2.2
    SMB 2 has been in Windows since Vista, but with some enhanctements. You now have the option to do multichannel, where file share data transfer automatically spans multiple NICs with fault tolerance. Now you have to option to store virtual machines of a filserver if both the host and the filserver have Windows 8 or above.
  • Powershell 3
    With it you can now have an powershell accessable trough http/https. You can add this using the “Add role and features wizard”
  • Central Management
    Now you can sentrally manage all your servers from one interface in the server dashboard, and you can group them like 1 group for terminal server, 1 for SQL and such. This is also improved in RDS role, you can centrally manage a terminal server farm. (See my previous post regarding Terminal Servers)

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