Networking SIG on My CUGC

So as of late I have been involved in setting up and creating a SIG (Special Interest Group) under MYCUG aimed at Networking (Can be found here –> . Now you might think “err does that mean Citrix Networking?” no! our goal is to create a open community around all types of different networking content

  • Network virtualization
  • Network Security
  • Cloud networking
  • Datacenter networking

And of course Citrix Networking is going to be a big part of it, since it is natural that many of the users there are familiar and used to working with Citrix networking.

Now one of the objectives as well is to bridge the gap between Citrix and the community, so we will have Citrix employees in direct contact to help us create content, answer questions doing webinars and so on. For instance if someone asks a question are we aren’t able to answer it, we might get an official answer from Citrix on the forums.

Now our hope is that this is going to be an “active” community where we have fresh content pusblished, and a bit exclusive compared to the other place where NetScaler content gets published.

For my part is going to be organizing events, content and so on. If you have an idea about content or that you want to publish or stuff you would like to learn or hear more about, please reach out to me. Also I will start to publish more NetScaler related blogs there, so this blog might be a bit quiet on the NetScaler front Smilefjes

Other then that I hope you join our community!

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