New award, Aviator!

So what is an Aviator? Well It’s now what you think… For those that have been following me, notice that  now that I from time to time have been working with Avi Networks. Why? Because they think differently from other ADC vendors in the market and they deliver a pretty cool product!

If you for instance look at Google Load balancer,  Maglev –> or at Microsoft’s own load balancer Duet –>

Both Microsoft and Google’s load balancer’s (which they use for their public clouds) share many of the same characteristics for cloud scale load balancing, to easily allow of scaling up and  down load balancing resources and having rich analytics built-in which is easily distributed across multiple servers. Which of course are running on plain x86 hardware with powerful automation features.

This is the same vision that Avi Networks want to deliver to on-premises datacenters, providing the same feature set and analytics as Microsoft and Google does in their own datacenters. Also instead of having a single appliance which does all the features + management, which is typically the case for many ADC vendors which comes from a physical space and then turned to virtulization,  Avi networks is built for virtuliazation where management and packet handling is seperated into their own bits of virtual appliance and can be integrated into the virtulization layer.

So back to the subject, what is an Aviator? Aviator is a new community program from Avi networks, where I am actually the first official member as of now!  I am honored that Avi choose me as their first member, and I look forward to participating in the program and trying out the new upcoming features in the upcoming beta bits! Smilefjes

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