New book released! Implementing Netscaler VPX

After a lot of hard work, and a lot of late nights my new book Implementing Netscaler VPX is released!

Implementing Netscaler VPX

The book covers

* Initial setup and deployment scenarioes
* Netscaler Gateway (SSL VPN, ICA proxy, Clientless access)
* Load balancing Exchange, SQL, TFTP, SharePoint, Citrix stuff
* Caching and Compression of web services
* High-availability, application firewall and traffic analysis with builtin tools and WireShark
* Appflow and integration with Netscaler Insigt.

The book can be found here at PacktPub website (Will soon appear on Amazon as well)

This is my second book for Packt Publishing and again has been a unique experience working with them. Would also like to give some credit to my techncial reviewers during the process Daniel Wedel, Kees Baggerman, Anton Van Pelt for giving good feedback.

Hopefully some will find it useful when working with Netscaler! Smilefjes

0 thoughts on “New book released! Implementing Netscaler VPX”

  1. Thank you for your hard work on this book. Bought it a couple of days ago, but is it possible that the status of the book is still in Pre-order at PacktPub?

    Thank you again,

    1. Hi, thank you for that!

      The publisher is a bit delayed, and it will be available at 15th of april.

  2. Please confirm the availability on this ebook? I have a pre-order but I have not a response from Packt as to when I can download it.

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