New eBook project status–NetScaler Gateway deep-dive

As mentioned before I am currently working on a new eBook on NetScaler Gateway, based upon feedback on mail and some randon polls on Twitter. The ebook is good underway and is of now about 100+ pages. Don’t know yet how long the book is going to be, but again its a free ebook and I’m the one responsible for it I don’t have any pressure on the maximum lenght of the ebook Smilefjes

But there is one thing I wanted to ask people about. below is a list of the current index. Take a quick look at it and see if there is anything missing! If so, please notify me at [email protected], would love to get some feedback on it as of now (Which again would make it even better!)

  • NetScaler Gateway basics   
    Licensing and editions
    When to use what?
    NetScaler and traffic flow   
    General settings for NetScaler   
    External authentication for administrators   
    Setting up ICA-proxy   
    SSL Settings   
    Published Applications   
    Citrix Receiver policy   
    Citrix Receiver for Web Policy   
    ICA Proxy with two armed   
    Framehawk and Audio over DTLS   
    Double-hop configuration   
    RDP Proxy   
    VPN and Endpoint analysis   
    Full VPN with endpoint scanning   
    Preauthentication policy   
    Session policy   
    Split tunneling   
    Client IP pools   
    Clientless Access   
    Adding resources   
    SSO to internal resources   
    Unified Gateway   
    Group Based Access and control   
    Integrating with XenMobile   
    Integrating with ShareFile   
    High availability and clustering   
    Portal customization   
    Security settings   
    Other design examples   
    Multitenant ICA-Proxy   
    Multiple Active Directory Domains   
    Monitoring and AppFlow   
    Command Center   
    Appendix A: Expressions   
    Community blogs:   

0 thoughts on “New eBook project status–NetScaler Gateway deep-dive”

    1. Hi Salim,

      The book is not done yet, its still a work in progress. I’m guessing one month away still

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