New Netscaler books available!

Just a small post about what I have been busy with lately Smilefjes For those who have been following me on Twitter/LinkedIn/Blog notice that I from time to time blog about Netscaler which kinda has become my little baby.
Anyhow… 2 years back I started working on my second book for Packt Publishing called Netscaler VPX, which was the first technical book (outside of Citrix Education) on Netscaler available on Amazon.

Now two years later, I have done a bit more.

Implementing Netscaler VPX Second Edition:

Which is a upgraded/polished version of my first book, which was created upon version 10, this book is based upon V11 and contains more content around security, troubleshooting, azure/amazon deployments and front-end optimization.
And my latest project Mastering Netscaler VPX

Mastering Netscaler VPX:

This is a book which I co-wrote with Rick Roetenberg (Note: He did most of the work) Which goes a bit more deep into the material. I did some chapters on Network optimization, troubleshooting, Content switching, GSLB, Datastream and security features.

So if you are unsure what to get for christmas, this might be a good idea Smilefjes

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