New opportunities! Cloud Architect at Evry

So last year I switched jobs to Exclusive Networks here in Norway, which was distributor which focused on Nutanix, Arista, vArmour, AviNetworks, VMturbo as part of their BigTec portfolio and so on which was a looooong gap from my regular day-to-day work which focused on Microsoft, and ohhh boy did I learn a lot during this one year time! especially on HCI and pure data center networking.

But for personal reasons I’m again decided to switch to another opportunity which was as a Cloud Architect at Evry. Evry is one of largest IT companies in Evry, and they just so happen to have an office 2 minutes walking distance from my house!

Of course that is convenient but the main driver is what they are doing moving forward! They are focusing on AzureStack and plan to be one of the first deployment of AzureStack in Norway, which I wanted to be part of moving forward. They also have a new initiative focusing purely on Cloud Services which I hope to play a part in as well and hopefully I can do a little bit of other stuff as well which I have a desire for Smilefjes

So I look forward to meeting new colleagues and learning even more in the upcoming months!

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