New site & New provider, welcome to Azure!

So after much back and forth now, I’m moved from WordPress which has been my provider for my blog since I’ve started blogging in 2012 but now I’ve decided like to many others that its time to move across to Microsoft Azure.

Why did I decided to move it there, instead of other providers or just leave it at WordPress?

  • – Better Control of content and underlying infrastructure
    – Monitoring features
    – Eat your own medicine
    – More feature in the same plane

    So I decided to spin up a couple of LAMP instance which now runs WordPress as the CMS with a MySQL (Where I have a plugin in WordPress that does a copy dump of the wordpress instance and I have a MySQL script that does regular backups of the database which is stored on a seperate disk on the host.


I also have another LAMP instance where I can use for dev purposes, custom apache modules and such. I am also using DNS service in Azure to host my domain I also use the Azure Load balancer to easily switch between one server or the other in case I decided to switch over to another version of LAMP.
I also use application insight to prope my external DNS from different locations using HTTP GET (Pretty simple) but since it doesn’t cost anything in my case is was an easy solution Smilefjes

I’m also using Azure Backup services to backup my virtual machine (Since the LAMP instance is using a supported OS from Azure)

And last but not least, I’m using Op Insight to collect all my Syslog events both from the OS and the Apache instance + Performance data, it also does the network analytics on my NSG to see any abnormal traffic.

NOTE: Since the old site is still getting alot of traffic, I will still maintain it and also articles will still be posted here, but other content such as whitepapers and ebooks will be published here.

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