New whitepaper – Azure Virtual Desktop with Liquidware FlexApp

I’ve been working a lot with Windows Virtual Desktop (now called Azure Virtual Desktop) and the ecosystem surrounding it. One of the frequent questions I get when looking into evaluating AHV are:

1: should I use AVD or Citrix, VMware, or something else?

2: and if we are going to use AVD, how can we simplify image and application management?

Microsoft is of course pushing MSIX w/App Attach to streamline application delivery and with Azure Image Builder to automate the image creation process in Azure. Which might not be the right approach for all organizations.

Then I got a chance to review the latest version of Liquidware’s FlexApp solution where I tested it with AVD- Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop). In the review, I walk you through an overview of AVD and setup and then focus on how it can deliver apps just in time with FlexApp, both using today’s architecture but also a bit about how it can look in a future delivery model where both clients, AVD desktops & FlexApp is a cloud-native citizen and part of Azure Active Directory.

The result became a whitepaper which you can read here –> (Liquidware FlexApp and Azure Virtual Desktop) Liquidware-FlexApp-and-AVD.pdf (

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